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StepChange has more than 15 years of experience supporting companies in digital transformation. We assist your digital transformation from the current way of working to a new smart way of working.

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Who we are

StepChange works with technology driven business development and consulting. We are an independent consulting company with market leading knowledge within digitalization and integrated operations (IO).

Our focus is to improve our customers competitive ability, increased value and positioning in the ecosystem. We believe in networked interactions in an ecosystem across companies, disciplines, departments and locations.

We have more than 15 years of experience working for major global companies in the Oil and Gas sector. Our methods are generic and may be used in other business sectors and industries.
StepChange is now a part of Red Rock AS, and the companies join forces to strengthen their positions within digitalization.

Red Rock delivers remote- and autonomous load handling equipment for marine- and offshore operation, technology solutions for transportation and IT solutions for operation and logistics. Read more about  Red Rock here.

The companies complement each other with expertise and solutions and join forces to focus on further growth.

What we do

Digitalization of society and business has been going on for over 50 years.  We  are an independent partner and advisor supporting you in the digital journey, delivering value step by step  from effective implementation of digitalization and new capabilities.  
StepChange assists businesses with the design of new business models enabled by digitalization. We have a holistic and integrated perspective in our work including technology, management, organization, processes and physical work environment. We assist in all these areas in order to achieve the desired effect of digitalization.

Strategy and business models

Business models must be adapted for increased value

StepChange provides strategic advice in digitalization. We are working with leaders and key personnel for designing business models adapted to business goals.

Our deliveries and focus areas:

  •  New business models
  •  Strategy and positioning in the ecosystem
  •  Roadmaps 
  •  Development of capability models
  •  Strategy and business models for condition based maintenance (CBM)
  •  Better integration of the value chain; coordination and efficient use of resources
  •  Improved operation and optimization of production


Clear  leadership is required for successful digitalization

StepChange works with leaders and key personnel for design and implementation of  new ways of working.

Our deliveries and focus areas:
  •  Leadership Development
  •  Establishment of common mindset
  •  Distributed leadership and management in virtual teams
  •  Development and Executive Coaching
  •  Change Management

Work practice

Digitalization changes work practice

StepChange supports you in design and implementation of  new ways of working.

Our deliveries and focus areas:
  •  Network-based collaboration;  organization and working methods
  •  Network-based cooperation; roles and responsibilities
  •  Culture and organizational development
  •  Design of the physical work environment for interaction between different locations
  •  Development of operation and production environments
  •  Automation of work and work processes
  •  Improvement of work and decision making
  •  Improvement of meeting structure and conduction of meetings
  •  Teamwork throughout the value chain


Technology enables new ways of working

StepChange supports you in design and implementation of  effective technolgy enablers to create  new smart  ways of working.

Our deliveries and focus areas:

  •  Virtual collaboration solutions and related technologies in the field, the workplace and other arenas for interaction
  •  Extensive use of available real-time data
  •  Use of analytics and big data
  •  Integration of data across systems and databases
  •  Selection of technical platforms and systems
  •  Choice of technology to support internal and external work processes
  •  Remote solutions
  •  Monitoring solutions for management, operation and maintenance
  •  Quality assurance
  •  Technical documentation
  •  Testing and test documentation of machinery, equipment and software
  •  Project management